Corporate communications writer specializing in employee engagement, health & wellness, emergency preparedness, change management and technology.

Employee Communications

Lori Cronwell has demonstrated the range of her intelligence, communications savvy and flexibility to write effectively for employee communications, marketing communications, training and corporate image pieces.

Brad Nixon, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications Marketing, Computer Sciences Corporation

Employee Communications to Attract, Engage and Retain a Dynamic Workforce

How you communicate with your employees has a major impact on employee engagement–and your bottom line. Research by Aon Hewitt’s 2013 Trends in Global Employee Engagement report confirms that “Every one percent increase in employee engagement indicates a 0.6 percent growth in sales.”

Your business depends on how effectively you deliver information to your employees.

Good employee communications are:

  • Written in clear, concise and action-oriented language
  • Geared to your employees’ level of understanding
  • Written in a style that reflects your company culture, brand and messaging
  • Integrated with your internal and external communications plans
  • Delivered via your employees’ medium of choice

To reach today’s employees, you need a writer who can deliver content across all media–web, print, video and social media.  

I’ve written and produced content from online newsletters to videos, and in a range of styles from the voice of senior management to lively and casual online announcements.

As a communications specialist for Portland General Electric, my team led a company-wide wellness communications campaign that won the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) Best of Show award and increased employee participation in health screenings and company wellness activities.

I’ve produced corporate communications on programs, policies and initiatives addressing a wide range of topics (see below). For samples of my work, see my employee communications portfolio.

  • Administrative professionals’ week
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Diversity in the workplace
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Employee benefits
  • Employee handbooks
  • Employee newsletters
  • Health and wellness
  • Human resources
  • Mental health
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Sexual harassment prevention training
  • Staffing and recruitment
  • Technology implementations
  • Training and development programs
  • Transportation options

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