Corporate communications writer specializing in employee engagement, health & wellness, emergency preparedness, change management and technology.

About Lori Cronwell

Every project receives my unique blend of strategic thinking, creativity and attention to detail.

My goal is to help you achieve yours!

A bio is an opportunity to tell your story. Here’s mine:

I love what I do — strategizing, writing and helping my clients grow their businesses through good communication.
As a tech-savvy writer, my B2B marketing copy helps information technology, telecommunications and software companies sell their products and services to a global marketplace. On the internal communications side, I write employee content that helps companies attract, engage and retain the best possible workforce. Whether I’m working with a Fortune 500 company or an internet startup, my goal is to help my clients achieve theirs.

My clients tell me they appreciate my strategic thinking and attention to detail.
Whether I’m delivering copy for an entire integrated campaign or writing a white paper, I’m thinking about the overall strategy (how does this communication fit into the company’s communication plan and branding?). At the same time I’m focused on every aspect of the project to ensure all copy meets their editorial guidelines, key messaging and deadlines.

I’m passionate about storytelling and the impact of good communication.
I’m fortunate to have had a lifelong career in writing and communications. Before moving to Portland, Oregon ten years ago I owned and operated a corporate communications company in Los Angeles and before that I wrote, directed and produced award-winning corporate video productions. I’ve also written two novels and studied creative writing through the UCLA Writers Program. From videos to case studies, press releases to emails, storytelling techniques work for every medium. That’s because a good story creates an emotional bond with your audience; it inspires, builds trust and helps us understand an increasingly complex world.

The best result of any communication is knowing it made a difference in peoples’ lives.
As a lead communications specialist for Portland General Electric (PGE), I managed the communications needs of a diverse employee population, providing communications consulting, communication plans and implementation on a range of new programs, policies and initiatives. At PGE, I had the opportunity to make a direct impact on the health and wellness of employees through their Energy for Life campaign. My team implemented a company-wide wellness communications campaign that won the Public Relations Society of America’s (PRSA) Best of Show award and increased employee participation in health screenings and company wellness activities.

My entrepreneurial spirit and love of technology drive my passion for life-long learning.
New channels of communication via social media and the internet are ever evolving, redefining how we engage with our employees and connect with our customers. It’s an exciting time to be in communications and I write about current trends on my blog. Yet, in my experience, often times the tried and true methods of communication work best — especially storytelling.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my story. Now, let me help you tell yours.

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