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Five Questions to Ask BEFORE You Market Your Software Application

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Five Questions to Ask BEFORE You Market Your Software Application

1) Who’s my customer? Describe your customer in vivid detail — right down to the kind of socks he wears. You want to know everything about your customer — not every possible customer — but your ideal customer. What are his passions? What matters to her? What brings him joy? Once you know your customer inside and out, you’ll be able to direct your marketing in a way that captures your target customers’ interests.

2) What is my customer’s pain? Pain is the problem your customer is experiencing, such as a website that takes too long to load, spending too long on non-essential business functions, not being able to quickly find business leads. This is the problem your app will solve like pain killer for a headache.

3) How will my app change my customer’s life? Once you’ve taken your customers’ pain away, something great is going to result from the transformation. This is the benefit derived from your product. Your app probably has lots of great features. But most customers don’t care about features. They want to know what’s in it for them. What are the benefits of using this new software? What will happen once the pain is gone. For example, they’ll have more time to focus on their core business, less frustration, more customers.

4) What does my product do better than the competition? This is also known as your value proposition or differentiator. What sets you apart from the competition? Hopefully you’ve researched the marketplace and your competitors. If not, get started. You need to differentiate your app from similar ones in the market. Your app might not be the one that does everything or even be the best product on the market, but it has to do at least one thing better than anyone else.

5) Where does my customer shop, hang out and network? Your answers to the previous questions will help you with this one. You know your customer and what she cares about and the pain your customer is experiencing. You know your app can solve this pain. Knowing your customer so well, you can focus your content marketing on the topics and places your ideal customer spends her time both online and offline. Ask yourself: what blogs does he read? What LinkedIn and Xing groups does she belong to? What chat rooms and social media does he participant in?

The answers to these five questions will help you focus your marketing efforts on your true target market. They are the users who will appreciate your app the most and become your most vocal advocates.

Let me know if you found this helpful. Comment below. Share with others! Happy marketing!

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